The music video to the song Homebound is our second music video for the amazing Irish Singer-Songwriter Katie O'Connor. The first part of shooting with Katie in Munich is completed. The second part was scheduled for spring 2020 -  but now we're all stuck in quarantine and self-isolation. So shooting with all kinds of people in one place is not possible right now. But that won't keep us from finishing this beautiful music video - we decided to turn the whole project into something you can get involved with and we're very much counting on your support! Please take 5 minutes of your time to read the following instructions.


To all of you who love Katie and her music: we invite you to be part of the official music video to her song Homebound. The song is about wandering, about coming home and about feeling at home - with the people you love, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, your very own kid, your mum, your dad, your siblings, your best friend, your flat mate who turned into your best friend, your grandparents, your dog, your cat or your hamster called Karl.

We would love it, if you filmed yourself together with the ones closest to you  (and this is meant literally: stay home and do this project only with the people who live in the same household as you, obey the quarantine regulations in your area.) Scenes from your daily life, little moments, that make you feel at home with these people. This might be during cooking and having dinner together, during an evening on the couch watching a movie with your spouse and your cat, drinking coffee and having a chat on the balcony, reading a book in the garden, building a Lego house with your kids, talking to your best friend on skype or even something completely different. The little moments of our daily life (which is pretty unusual for most of us right now), that make us happy, feel safe and at home and make this crazy thing affecting all of us right now seem a little less intimidating and a bit more manageable. Just because they are here. Just because we can talk to one another and share a bit of normality.

Whether you're from Ireland, Germany or Greece. Whether you're black or white, whether you define yourself as a woman or a man or neither, whether you're an athlete or in a wheelchair or an athlete in a wheelchair, whether you're twelve, thirty or eighty years old, whether you live in a house with a garden, a one-bedroom flat or a van - we would love it if you shared some bits of your daily life and your feeling-at-home-moments with us and contributed them to the music video for Homebound.


Film some scenes of your daily life as described above, using a DSLR, a GoPro or your smartphone. Since we're making a music video, the audio quality is not important. Please make sure, that you set your filming device to a resolution of at least Full HD that is 1920 x 1080 pixels. If possible, set the frame rate of your device to 60 fps (frames per second). Please do film horizontal, vertical videos can't be used.

Please keep in mind, that the finished music video will be in cinemascope - so don't hold the camera too close to faces or important details, since the upper and the lower bit of the video will be blacked out like this:

After you've shot some scenes as described above please send them to us like this:

1. Fill out and sign the following form, which allows us to use your footage in the music video for Homebound: 

Model Release_Homebound.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 240.2 KB

2. Upload your footage together with the filled out form to our official WeTransfer using this link:


3. Please note that the deadline for submissions is 17 th April 2020

4. Be patient and be excited, we will release the music video on Katie's instagram as soon as it's finished :)


Please note, that we can only use your footage, if you also sent us the form filled out and signed by you. Depending on the amount of footage submitted we cannot guarantee that everyone's footage will be part of the finished music video, but we will do our very best to include all of you!


Thank you so much for being part of Homebound  - even though we're all stuck at home,  let's create something great together! Stay home, stay healthy, be creative.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our instagram @ludwig.film